Assisi Truffle Gnocchi

Let’s start with this disclaimer: I’m no truffle, gorgonzola or gnocchi connoisseur but I do enjoy all 3.

About 2 weeks into my Italian adventure I made a quick stop over in Assisi. A little town known for the birth place of Saint Francis. Assisi is situated in Umbria which is known for its beautiful landscapes, traditions and culinary delights.

Drone Assisi Town
Assisi Town

While exploring the town of Assisi we came across a deli owner who suggested a place to eat. We always like to get tips off locals on where to eat because there is nothing better than a local’s recommendation on food.

After a long day of exploring we were ready for dinner. The restaurant didn’t open until dinner time and so we were stuck outside for 30 minutes waiting for the restaurant to open. The staff must have felt sorry for us waiting and actually let us in 15 minutes early to have the first table of our choice in the restaurant.

Taverna dei Consoli is a restaurant on the second level of the building. You enter through a side entrance in an ally way. It had an outdoor terrace and because we were so early we were lucky enough to get a table on the terrace overlooking the square.

If you watched my vlog on YouTube on our trip to Assisi you would have seen that I ate a Gorgonzola Truffle Gnocchi that was so good that I had to dedicate a blog post to it.

Time to order food and eat.

The Gorgonzola Truffle Gnocchi immediately grabbed my attention on the menu and I knew I had to have it.

Our other main was a truffle fettuccine and cheese fondue with truffle for a starter. You can probably tell, we love our truffle.

This was it, the gorgonzola truffle gnocchi arrived. I was so excited to try it and when I put a fork full in my mouth I couldn’t contain how delicious it was. The burst of flavour gave me instant happiness, my eyes rolled and a smile started to form on my face.  From then on all I could think about was ways on how I could get more. I didn’t want this feeling to end.

The gnocchi was silky smooth and just melted away in my mouth. The rich taste of gorgonzola sauce then mixed in which also added the moisture to the gnocchi. And to balance it all out the strong taste of the shaved pieces of truffle complimented the rich gorgonzola. It was the combination of flavours and textures that made the meal so desirable.

Assisi Truffle Gnocchi
World’s Best Gorgonzola Truffle Gnocchi

I started calculating how many hours it would take me to fly from Sydney to Rome then catch a train to Assisi to have this meal again. I calculated how much it would cost me just to have a plate of this amazing creation. I was so tempted to order another plate even though the button on my shorts were about to pop off.

I was savouring the dish so much I had left 1 piece on the plate so I could have that one last taste in my mouth knowing that I wasn’t going to be coming back here any time soon. I will never forget the happiness that this one dish gave me.

Comment below a dish that you have found to be the “world’s best” in your eyes. Tell us the story of how you came across it and how it made you feel to eat it.

Check out our vlog on Assisi.