Twitter Post

You probably wont believe me but I actually got my job in London from a twitter post.

Weeks before moving to London my biggest fear was financial security. I hate the whole process of trying to find a new job. Updating your CV, looking through job ads, writing a fitting cover letter and the anxiety from the dreaded interview process.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to finding a job.

I was so glad that Kerstin and I decided to do a 4 week Italy trip before trying to settle down. After that, we then booked an 8 night Croatia trip because we really didn’t want to face the reality of having to figure out our new lives in London. (plus flights were really cheap it was a deal we couldn’t refuse)

In between our Italy and Croatia trip we were in London and our friends invited us out to a BBQ to meet up with some other Aussie’s living in London. This is where an innocent selfie posted on twitter became the catalyst of what would be my new job.

Matt Nieto twitter post
Twitter post that landed me a job

It was actually an Instagram post that I shared to twitter that must have gotten the attention of an old colleague who I worked with in Sydney. He said to come and visit him in the office and I thought it would be great to catch up and see how he is doing.

I went on my Croatia trip and when I got back I sent him and email. 3 days later I still didn’t hear back from him. So I thought nothing of it and just thought he might be busy.

I called my parents that week and I could feel that they were starting to get a little bit worried about me not looking for a job. I remember this because I got off the phone feeling upset. I don’t remember exactly what it was that annoyed me but I guess I don’t like to let my parents down. I started to think, maybe I should seriously start looking for a job.

The next day I woke up and received an email from my old work colleague. He said to come meet him in the office and we can catch up over a coffee. I went to meet him in his office and we grabbed a coffee. It was about 3 questions in where he said well if you want a job we have one for you.

WHAT?!?! no cover letter, no dreaded interview process. I couldn’t believe that it was this easy for me. I can still remember the feeling of massive relief and remember thinking that I was so lucky that my stars aligned so well.

It just goes to show how important your network is and to never burn any bridges. To make sure you leave a good impression on people because you never know how you will cross paths in the future.

So, yeah, that’s my story on how I got my job through a twitter post.

Comment below if you have had a similar experience.